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Local 512 represents over 3,900 members. This proud, dedicated union represents occupations from all walks of life. Truck drivers, warehouse workers, Federal employees, clerical personnel, and mechanics just to name a few. Giving workers a voice in the workplace, above average wages and benefits and power to bargain collectively rather than individually. These are just a few of the many benefits in belonging to the Teamsters Union. To learn more or for any further information, contact Local 512 or view any of the links on this page for local, regional or national information.
Local Officers and Staff

Jim Shurling - President / Business Mgr.
Myra Clark - Recording Secretary
Wiley Darden - Trustee
Rick Myers - Trustee
Patsy Dyer - Administrative Asst.
Tabatha East - Administrative Asst.

Randy Knudsen - Secretary-Treasurer / Business Mgr.
Margie Tillman - Vice President / Business Mgr.
Chuck Hughes - Trustee
Stewart Cauthan - Business Mgr.
Anthony Padgett - Business Mgr.

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